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2014-15 Season Kicks Off!

The 2014/15 season kicks off Tomorrow at 18:30 in Regent’s Park. Pre-season training will be a mix of fitness, skills and rugby, taking place every Tuesday and Thursday until September at 6.30pm. We will have a team of coaches present, including fitness specialists.

Our summer training location is now between London Zoo and the Gloucester Gate entrance to the park, marked on this link as ‘Summer Training

Arrive changed or get changed by the side of the pitch. Bring water! Footwear for the time being is trainers.

Two Crucial Things:

1. Whoever arrives first, claim our space to train and mark it out with cones or anything to hand. Timing is crucial; If you think you can arrive a little earlier to do this on either Tuesday or Thursday, please let me know on 07950 257802.

2. Volunteers needed to collect the two bags of balls and ladders, etc from the Sheephaven and drop them over to the pitch. For early sessions we just need the two big bags, but they are not light to carry. Please let me know if you can help on either Tuesday or Thursday. In an emergency, I believe the Club will reimburse taxi fares.

With work commitments, holidays etc, we cannot expect 100% attendance at every session. Personal fitness is your own responsibility, but these sessions will help. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit flabby right now – the early sessions will be ‘accessible to all’. Just don’t leave it until August and think you can reach a level of fitness which will see you through the season – one of the reasons we suffered so many injuries last time around.

See you Tuesday!