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International Tour 2015 – Barbados

BarbadosAfter the huge success of the recent tour in May, with 50 tourists visiting Portugal and strong tours to Malta, Berlin and Croatia, the club has decided 2015 is the year to escape Europe…
Five years have passed since we ventured overseas and we think it’s time to go big with Belsize.

Our proposed destination for May 2015 is … Barbados. With excellent local knowledge provided by Club VP Alex Upton, we are offering 8 nights in the Caribbean (+1 on the flight home) for £1,000 each.
The planned dates are departing 30th April and a 9th May 2015 arrival home.

This total includes:

  • Return flights
  • 8 nights accommodation
  • 2 x games
  • Playing insurance
  • Tour stash
  • 3 excursions, likely to be:
    • Sailing party cruise
    • Rum distillery tour & lunch
    • 4×4 island safari
  • Help arranging activities for smaller groups like diving, water sports, golf, etc

As the cost of flights are included, we will need to book those ASAP so we are announcing tour early to to allow plenty of time for you all to consider your chances of going, and start saving from July’s pay packet and also discuss at the AGM on 4th August.

The cost includes return flights and we have plans to help make this trip achievable to as many people as possible. It is also exceptionally good value and we doubt you could ever go to Barbados with your mates for less.
The intended payment plan/guideline is as follows:

  • £160 deposit by end of August 2014
  • £320 by end of Nov 2014 (£480 minimum required by this date)
  • £320 by end of Feb 2015 (£800 total required by this date)
  • £200 two weeks before tour departs (totalling £1,000)

The club website will be set up to allow payments using your debit or credit cards to our Paypal account.

Given the additional logistics of taking a big group to the Caribbean, we need to ensure the interest is there before planning goes any further so please complete this form if you are keen for over a week of golden sands, rum, ice cold Banks beer, snorkelling, rum, Rhianna doppelgängers (not guaranteed), reggae, rum and rugby with your mates.

Please note: As of August 6, tour is SOLD OUT.

2018 Belsize Tour - Registration of Interest
To put your name down to become a tourist on the 2018 Tour to Mozambique & Swaziland as a new joiner to the club this season, please complete the below form.


Doesn't matter if you are the first to sign up if you are the last to pay... If you are successful, the payment deadlines would be as follows -

- £199 immediately confirmation of a place. Deadline is 6 Oct (assuming space is available through to that date)
- Interim #1 £450 - 30 Nov 17 (or total £649 minimum by 30 Nov if paying on a different schedule e.g monthly)
- Interim #2 £450 - 2 Feb 18 (total £1099 minimum by 2 Feb if paying on a different schedule e.g monthly)
- Balance £200 - 23 March 18 (total £1299).
- you can also sign up for monthly DD payments.

Our aim is to have the tour party then work together to generate additional income through fund-raising nights and extra sponsorship. That extra income could then be used to reduce the total cost to the tourists (potentially making that final £200 payment redundant) or, more likely, add greater value to the trip through trips, stash & meals as well as be the basis of the club kitty whilst away, reducing your personal expenditure on tour.

This is obviously not guaranteed but is a good incentive to have the group work together over the season to make the tour as affordable as possible and contribute to the experience when enjoying sun, safari and rugby.
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