2018-19 Season summary

Belsize Park finished their most successful ever season in 2018-19. 343 adult men represented the club’s 6 sides during the season. Many of the new players to the club claimed it was their most enjoyable season of rugby ever. We are delighted that we remain as successful off the pitch by staying true to the club motto of “Convivium semper vicendum est” (Always win the party) as we become more and more successful on the pitch. We won the Middlesex President’s Award for “Growing the Game”.

1st XV won London 2 North West (Level 7) which is the highest level that the club has ever competed at. 82% win record.

2nd XV won Middlesex Merit Table Premier Division (Level 8), which is the highest level that our 2nd team has ever and can compete at. 74% win record

3rd XV finished 6th in Middlesex Merit Table Division 1, which is the highest level that our 3rd XV has ever competed at. 48% win record

4th XV won the Middlesex Merit Table Division 3 Plate and win promotion to Division 2. 71% win record.

5th XV (the “Bulls”) – our social side fulfilled a full season of fixtures and won the majority of their games. 59% win record.

Our 6th XV, the Buffs made two appearances during the season when numbers were too large for a single Bulls squad.

Vets XV fulfilled more fixtures than ever before and had their first ever Vets tour. 25% win record (4 games)

Tour – 75% win record. Toured to Taunton for Hux memorial game and to Poland.


Director of Rugby:           Zachary Webb
Club Captain:                     George Randall
1st XV Coaches:                Dafydd Evans, Simon Johnson, Will Mallard and Zachary Webb
1st XV Captain:                 Brendan O’Brien
1st XV VC:                            Lewis Dyke
2nd XV Coaches:              James Berry, James Lindsay
2nd XV Captain:               David Boyle
2nd VX VC:                          Ross Anders
Development Coach:      Greg Ward
3rd XV Coach:                    Rich Cowell
3rd XV Captain:                Will Handley
3rd XV VC:                           Richard “Tricky” Wilson
4th XV Coach:                   Will Hume-Humphries
4th XV Captain:                Sam Atkins
4th XV VC:                           Harry Atkinson
Bulls Manager:                   Steven Joseph
Bulls Captain:                     Neil Webb
Bulls & Buffs VCs:             Chris Hattam & Jonny Stagg
Vets Captain:                      Jiff Berkett

Shirley.. 10 years later and we love him just as much

This weekend sees us all raise a toast to a club legend and also one of the earliest adopters of what the ‘Belsize Spirit’ actually means.

When you join  a Rugby club you always hear stories about the old boys, a few tours and some legendary tales but one of the names that has stood out for a lot of us was Shirley.

Name: Marc Friedman
Pseudonym: Shirley
Tour name: Dr Fu Man Ju
Tour status: 10 years
Position: Loved, remembered, sideways

Shirley used to plan extremely well organised Rugby tours, sometimes on the back of a cigarette packet but they always worked. Quite ironic how Moisty’s 9month planning of Mozambique now seems very inefficient similar to his drinking capacity.

10 years ago this weekend we sadly lost Shirley while on the China tour and this weekend sees us all celebrating his life with some stories and learning a few more stories!

He is still in the ear of the Rugby gods and somehow has arranged for a potential Ireland GRAND SLAM weekend, at Twickenham and  during Paddies day! How the hell did he manage to plan all of this 10 years ago!

Today we are remembering, a friend, a legend, a legacy and a brother.

Everyone at Belsize Park Rugby Club would love for you raise a toast tonight, wherever you maybe in the world to Shirley and absent friends!

He has proved with his legacy that Belsize Park is not just a Rugby club it is a family and we will keep growing and making amazing moments in time but more importantly remembering those that started the journey for a lot of us!

Here is to you Shirley.

Belsize Invicta

Rugby : Respect is an honor earned, not given!

The game Rugby has been under a lot of scrutiny over the last few months with a campaign that wants to ban tackling in our schools, silly initiation ceremonies and the physical impact that the game is having towards player health at the top level of the game.

With all of this going on we tend to forget about grass roots Rugby and the core values that make the sport of Rugby stand out above other sports.
The most important being respect, respecting your teammates, the referee and most importantly the opposition. You may go to battle on the pitch but the most important thing is that after the final whistle you earn the respect of your opposite number and shake their hand as without them you wouldn’t be able to play.

It is important to remember that in grass roots Rugby it is not about being paid to play, it is about the enjoyment of the game and playing with your friends and this stems from the 1st team right the way through to the social side within your local club.

Last weekend Belsize Park Bulls reminded us all about the term RESPECT and our club is extremely proud of the team and especially the 3 individuals.

Whilst playing a tough game at Harlequinns amateurs they finished the game and carried out the usual post match rituals of a few beers and serenading each other to Taylor Swift in the sheds.

Just before heading out one of players noticed that a member of the opposition team had collapsed in the hallway and called for help, he was joined by two other players. In this moment they saw that the players face was turning blue and immediately reacted by taking off his tie, clearing his airways and placing him in the recovery position.
A roaming response paramedic was in the area and confirmed that the player was going into a cardiac arrest.
Between our players and the response paramedic they managed to do CPR for around 40minutes with the player having to be resuscitated several times but he did not give up and neither did anyone involved. They all took it in turns to keep doing cpr until the ambulance arrived and maintaining chest compressions at that intensity for that amount of time is not very easy, especially when knowing a life is at stake.

The ambulance arrived and managed to stabilise the player and both they and the police confirmed that if our Belsize Bulls had not reacted in the manner that they did and in the time they did we would have a much sadder story to report on. The fact that no one gave up and kept going is a real testament to the ‘respect’ earned in a game but also the ‘respect’ for someones life.

Belsize Park have heard that the player is recovering after surgery from a blockage to his heart and has been discharged from hospital and is back at home with his wife and kids.

As a club we are extremely proud and across all of our teams have the up most respect for Dominic Waterhouse, Nathan Gray and Alex Taylor as they are not just heroes within our club but also to the game itself and what it stands for.

If they did not react in the way they did and in the manner they did it is very likely that we may have lost an amazing brother of our extraordinary game, Rugby.

Big hand from all of us at
Belsize Park Rugby Club

If you would like to make a donation to the British Heart foundation you can via the following link – https://www.bhf.org.uk/get-involved/donate  #Rugbyheart

Belsize Awards Gala 2016-2017

Date: Saturday 17 June 18:30 to Sunday 1:00
Location: Cumberland Hotel, Great Cumberland Place W1H 7DL
Dinner:3 Courses + Wine
Entertainment:DJ and dancing

The end of year extravaganza will once again be held at The Cumberland Hotel near Marble Arch. The evening will include DJ and dancing in the expectation that you will bring your wives and girlfriends to the event. This year and last we have done our best to make the event more WAG friendly and a bit less of a sausage-fest.

Chairman’s table – Joe Murphy
Senior VP’s table – Doc
1s table – Jamie Niven
2s table – Dave Boyle
3s table – Tim Chilton
4s table – Scott Broughton
Bulls table – Bilbo
Exiles table – Chris Kilkelly

2016/17 Awards Winners from Saturday night:

1st XV Player of the Year – Jack Marples
2nd XV Player of the Year – David Boyle
3rd XV Player of the Year – Paul Emms
4th XV Player of the Year – Alex McKenzie
Bulls Player of the Year – Brecon Jordan
Most Improved Player of the Year – Will Ville
Overseas Player of the Year – Eric Trauttenmiller
Clubman of the Year – Martin Belk
Newcomer of the Year – Sion King
Kiwi Bell Winner – Lawrence Alfred

Life member – Chris Kilkelly

Dates for the Diary – 2017-2018


Please keep checking club emails and Facebook for more information.

Tour Dates

Overseas Africa Tour: 23rd April – 3rd May 2018

Upcoming Socials (Official club events in BOLD)

March 2018
1 March 2018: Curry Club
10 March 2018: Dates dinner
22nd March: Belsize FRU Dinner

April 2018
14 April: End of season party
15 April: Silly Sunday
23 April – 4 May: Mozambique and Swaziland Tour

May 2018
11 May: Pimm’s Club, Windsor Castle, Notting Hill

June 2018
Club Dinner and Dance (date TBC)
15 June: Pimm’s Club, The Ship, Wandsworth

July 2018
Pimm’s Club – Chez Bilbo

August 2018
12 August: The Tashes – Annual Cricket Match, Regents Park

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